~ 2023 Summer Workshop Retreat ~

On Star Dance Farm, close to Ann Arbor, Michigan
or live streaming via Zoom

Save the Date!
July 20-25

~ Monthly Mini-Workshops ~

                 Deepening Self-Care with Spacial Dynamics®                     and/or Developmental Children's Plays   

First session Saturday January 28th!

Monthly mini-workshops  January - May

Reserving and taking time for oneself as a parent, educator or care provider is essential, and what we do with that time can make a significant impact on daily life. Spacial Dynamics forms and hands-on techniques (1 3/4 hours ), as a part of a self-care practice, reach beyond “rest” to revitalize our life forces and take us back into the classroom or parenting feeling refreshed and joyful!  We'll also do developmental plays for the children as well! (1 hour)  Join the whole mini-workshop or choose one or the other as you like!

As you traverse the school year, committing to the Spacial Dynamics practice can be a springboard for your self-care practice, and the developmental plays can provide inspiration for your circles and transitions throughout the year!


Giving Young Children a Lifelong Foundation for Well-Being

As society becomes more focused around screens and digitilization, the movement and speech stimuli required by the brain for healthy early childhood development, are no longer readily available in day to day life.

Dancing Hands & Frolicking Voices offers continuing education for early childhood educators, parents, grand parents and caregivers.  This includes courses at Waldorf early childhood training centers and conferences, workshop retreats at Star Dance Farm by Ann Arbor, Michigan or via Zoom, mentoring and video subscriptions.  Subjects include early childhood development, therapeutic aspects in early childhood, developmental movement in the form of gesture plays, health-giving touch plays, large movement circles with singing in mood of the fifth and rhythmic verse, as well as Spacial Dynamics, anthroposophy, therapeutic Werbeck voice and handwork - all designed to provide young children with essential developmental experiences.  Our faculty are certified trainers who have presented around the world at Waldorf teacher training centers, conferences and workshops. They also collaborate with colleagues internationally to further this important work for young children.

Two Year Intensive Program

This deepening course in early childhood developmental movement, music, speech, and much more, is offered with 3 week-long retreats over 3 summers, plus weekend retreats each autumn and spring.  Discounts for retreats and practice videos are offered.