Summer Retreat June 2022

~ Intensive Retreat on Star Dance Farm ~

Videos and course materials are available for the rest of the summer!

As our society becomes increasingly inadequate in providing rich developmental opportunities for the young child, our presence and offerings for the children become even more crucial in their development. This intensive is designed for early childhood educators seeking to deepen their understanding and practice of developmental movement, speech and singing in the mood of the fifth to support the young child.  We will immerse ourselves in the essence of this work:  bringing reverence and empathy to our work, rhythm, rhyme, singing in the mood of the fifth, gesture, movement and loving touch plays, all designed specifically to meet the needs of the young child.

Join us for delightful and insightful experiences:

~ The Sacrament of Working with Young Children                                                                     ~ Inner Work ~ Cosmic nutrition ~ Madonna Series
~ Touch, dancing hands, large movement plays
~ Therapeutic aspects of the gesture work
~ Handwork – Musical instruments and finger puppets
~ Spacial Dynamics®


Laurie Clark – Keynote Speaker

Lynn St. Pierre – Developmental Movement & Music


Contact Lynn:

Work with the videos on your own time!

Group discount: 3 or more 20% off!    Join with a friend ~ $50 off each

Autumn Retreat 2021

~ Fall Workshop Retreat ~
Saturdays Nov. 6th & 13th

Developmental movement and music, Spacial Dynamics®, Eurythmy with Glenda Monash, hand work and more…..

11am – 6pm (both days)

Spring Workshop Retreat 2022

☙     Spring Workshop Retreat  ~  March 12th & 19th     ☙

Children’s Spring, a Bird Concert, Daisies and Dandelions

 Join us for delightful developmental movement, Spacial Dynamics® & felted birdies

~  Mixed-age Kindergarten ~ two consecutive Saturdays  ~

Plus Eurythmy with Glenda Monasch
March 12th & 19th ~ 11am-6pm east, 8am-3pm west US times

~  Parent*Child & Nursery only  ~ 

 Saturday 12th  11am-4:30pm east, 8am-1:30pm west US times



~ Educator’s Midweek Rejuvenations  ~

Come join us to unwind and renew your life forces!

Spacial Dynamics and deep relaxation ~ 1 hour

~ Day and time to be determined ~

Please email me what works for you?

Lynn at:

Beginning late September & ending in May


~ Educator’s Friday Rejuvenations ~

Come join us to unwind from the week’s stresses and move into your weekend with a sense of freedom and spaciousness!

I was speaking with a friend last week who described how every single moment of the day with the children has to be planned with all the Corona sanitizing and protocols and how at the end of the day, and at the end of the week…..week after week after week, she is tired to the bones. She is so completely exhausted that she’s sadly feeling equally uninspired as a teacher. This moved me and I’ve been contemplating what could I offer to create a space for restoring our life forces?

To start, I’m going to offer a Friday afternoon 90 minute, yet timeless, space where we share the intention of letting go of all that no longer serves us from the week, and make space for imagination, inspiration and intuition to flow once again. We will mainly use the practice of Spacial Dynamics along with verse, contemplation, journaling and drawing briefly, singing, discussion in small groups and deep relaxation techniques.

The first gathering will be:
Friday February 12th ~ 4:30pm eastern and 1:30pm western time
This first session is complimentary

Deposit for Summer 2021 Intensive

By paying $100 now, you can reserve your space in the Summer 2021 Intensive via Zoom from Star Dance Farm, June 27th – July 2nd. Then, at a later time, you can return and complete your registration.

If paying by check, please send your payment to: Education Worldwide, P.0. Box 14, Munith, MI  49259.

When you return to pay the remainder of your registration fees, go to the Summer 2021 Intensive page and choose “Register and Pay Now.”  Look for “If $100 Deposit Paid, Register Here” on the registration page.  If you pay in full by June 15th, you will receive the $50 early bird discount.

Summer 2021 Intensive

Summer Retreat 2021 via Zoom
with Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna and Lynn St. Pierre

Dates to be announced soon!

Join us for an inspiring and rejuvenating retreat from Star Dance Farm

We are excited to have Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna joining us to speak about the therapeutic aspects of our work with the young child. Our work and play will include lecture and discussions, the developmental movement of Wilma Ellersiek in the form of loving touch, finger plays and large movement experiences, singing in the mood of the fifth, Spacial Dynamics morning movement and insights throughout the day, making plant-dyed story pocket aprons with puppets, and more!

If you need a Covid-19 discount, please email me.

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Two Year Program discount – apply or email for options