~ Kindergarten Video Subscription ~ Year One ~

   ~  Seasonal Treasure Trove  ~

Each season you have an assortment of finger plays, dancing hands and large movement plays.  There are also loving touch plays, songs in mood of the fifth and lullabies.  All of the materials are organized by category so it's easy to find what you need.

Your subscription includes monthly Zoom sessions at the beginning of each season to learn, review and practice the materials, ask questions and discuss your classes needs.

Any questions or problems?  Feel free to contact me  dancinghandsfrolickingvoices@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you!

Your Treasure Trove also includes the Parent*Child & Nursery Corona Treasure Chest which is chock full of supportive materials during this Corona time.  These materials are designed especially for working with the parents and include shorter and simpler versions of the plays as well as other supportive resources for both parents and teachers.  If you'd like the parents to access the parent's Corona Treasure Chest, they could buy an individual subscription or have a deep discount by buying a class subscription which one parent could organize.


Individual Teachers

Monthly Subscription for Teachers
$15 / Month
Annual Subscription for Teachers
$150 / Year

Waldorf School Discount

Available for one entire class - teacher, co-teachers, assistant have access to the Teacher's Treasure Trove and all the parents would have access to the Parent*Child materials.   Please contact us for discount pricing information for additional classes.

Monthly Subscription for Schools
$75 / Month
1 early childhood class
Annual Subscription for Schools
$599 / Year
1 early childhood class

Parent*Child & Nursery ~ Corona Treasure Chest

 *Your subscription includes a monthly Zoom session to learn, review and practice the materials, ask questions and discuss your class needs.

Summer Zoom schedule various by request- please email Lynn with a few dates and times that work for you:


*  Instructional and practice videos of seasonal songs, touching plays, finger plays, large movement plays which can be used with your class as well as practiced with your parents via Zoom or when safe, in person!  The parents may also buy a subscription to the Parent Corona Treasure Chest where they can practice anytime and also have access to parent resources.  For the parents, my focus is to offer simple yet potent little plays that are user friendly especially in these stressful times.   There are also transitional plays for you to learn and prepare for when your class reunites in person!  The longer plays have a shorter version for the parents to use at home.

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Teachers Corona Treasure Chest Preview

Individual Teachers:

Corona Treasure Chest
$10 / Month
Annual Subscription
Corona Treasure Chest
$99 / Year
Annual Subscription

Waldorf Teachers Class Discount:

All resources in the teachers treasure chest would be available for the early childhood teacher, assistant and aftercare giver in your class.  The treasure chest will be offered September through June with continual additions of materials.  I am eager to have requests and feedback from you to customize the treasure chest so that I can continue to offer tools that meet the needs of your unique school community.  If you have more than one class at your school, each class would sign up separately with one teacher or administrator who would be the contact person making the payment and sharing the login name and password with the teacher, assistant and aftercare giver.

* This is offered at a reduced rate to support early childhood education in these times that may be financially challenging.   I don't want finances to be an obstacle for anyone who would like to have these materials. If the suggested prices below are a hardship for you or your school just email Lynn and we’ll work something out: dancinghandsfrolickingvoices@gmail.com

Corona Treasure Chest for One Class
$50 / Month
For teachers, assistants and parents!
Corona Treasure Chest for One Class
$399 / Year
For teachers, assistants and parents!