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Parent*Child & Nursery

During these unusual and challenging times,
here is a treasure trove of child development gems.

The developmental movement plays created by Wilma Ellersiek are designed especially for the young child and provide the foundation for healthy child development.  Here you'll find delightful loving touch, hand gesture and large movement plays accompanied by rhyming verse or songs in the mood of the 5th.  These materials support teachers and parents in creating a more harmonious and magical atmosphere at home, in the classroom, or in outdoor spaces.

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Autumn Mini-Workshop ~ Videos in three parts

Part One:  Touch Play Ma-Ma-Moh, The Wind & All the Dear Stars                   Part Two:  Ribbon Wand, Magic Wand & Little Ghosts O' Night                            Part Three:  Little Ghosts with a lullaby following and Will O' the Wisps          https://vimeo.com/showcase/9873010      Passcode:  Trippel Trapple

☙ Year Round ☙

~ Before Dawn ~

This delightful play brings the picture of the rooster calling cock-a-doodle-doo and the sun rising.  "At last the children wake up too and laugh and laugh, yoohoo!"  All through the year we slowly add different creatures each month, except in January no change.  Then resuming in February we continue adding creatures so by April we have introduced an entire barnyard!

Dancing Hand - Trotting Pony by Wilma Ellersiek, page 153, available from WECAN's online store.

Parent*Child & Nursery

These delightful plays bring seasonal fun for everyone!

Loving touch plays are calming and comforting.

Hand gesture plays bring rhythm, rhyme and great joy!

Moving together heightens the child’s awareness of themselves and others.

Here are several possibilities for harmonious transitions.

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