~ The Teacher’s Treasure Trove ~

A collection of seasonal finger plays, movement journeys, loving touch plays and singing in mood of the fifth.

This delightful, playful work provides developmental movement, music and speech for a healthy early childhood foundation for life.

Welcome to the early childhood educator’s page!  You’ll find resources for working and playing with your children and also resources to aid you in supporting the parents in your class.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or requests and I will add materials to the page as we go along. This is for you so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Included with your subscription are the Corona Treasure Chests ~ both the parent’s one and the teacher’s one.  The materials on these pages offer additional resources for working with your parents most especially!  To sign-up use your email and password the same as for your seasonal subscription.

When you invite your parents to join their page, they’ll have a way to practice the little plays whenever they like.  Their versions of the plays are shorter and simpler to set them up for success in these stressful times.  The children will enjoy doing some of the same plays at home with their parents and then with you at school!  The shorter plays are also just right for a nursery class.  Even shorter versions which use more repetition, can be used for Parent/Child and Parent/Infant classes.  Just enter your email and password for both the parent and the teachers corona treasure chest pages.  Follow the link above and below to sign up.  Then when you return you will see "View" under the different treasure chests - click on that to access the materials.


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☙ Summer Favorites

~  Before Dawn  ~

The Honey Bee ~ Wind- Soo- Soo

In My Garden

Look - At - Me Dance

Our Lovely Earth

Lullaby Medley

Summer Hand-washing Song

☙ For Your Work With the Parents 

These videos are posted in the Parents Corona Treasure Chest for them to practice.


~  Ma - Ma - Moh  ~

Giving Love - Bringing Joy by Wilma Ellersiek, page 44


~  Wiggle, Waggle  ~

Giving Love - Bringing Joy by Wilma Ellersiek, page 40


~  Crawly, Crawly, Crawl  & Wind Rockabye  ~

Giving Love - Bringing Joy by Wilma Ellersiek, page 37; Gesture Games for Autumn and Winter by Wilma Ellersiek, page 137


~ Glitz - Glitz and Thaws Away ~

Giving Love - Bringing Joy by Wilma Ellersiek, page 66


~ Father Rocks His Baby ~

Giving Love - Bringing Joy by Wilma Ellersiek, page 86


~ Winter Hand-washing Song ~

☙ AUTUMN - New Seasonal Content

Quawkalone and Brummelbone ~ Practice

This is a delightful interplay between the froggy Quawkalone and the fly Brummelbone. The children particularly enjoy the ending where the fly prevails!

See the book "Dancing Hands - Trotting Pony" by Wilma Ellersiek, page 148, available in the online bookstore at www.waldorfearlychildhood.org.


The Little Fish is a calming little story play. My granddaughter loved this during potty training. She always looked forward to sitting on her wee toilet and playing finger games. This was her absolute favorite!

The Little Fish ~ Instruction

See the book "Dancing Hands - Trotting Pony" by Wilma Ellersiek, page 116, available in the online store at www.waldorfearlychildhood.org.


The Little Fish ~ Practice

Here is an autumn favorite. This is lovely for a transition into a mealtime or a snack. If you live in a tropical place where apples don't grow, you could change this to a mango tree and make mango sauce, or other fruit that grows in your area.

An Apple Hangs On It ~ Instruction

See the book "Gesture Games for Autumn and Winter" by Wilma Ellersiek, page 26, available in the online store at www.waldorfearlychildhood.org.


An Apple Hangs On It ~ Practice

Glide My Boat ~ Instruction

A large movement play, Glide My Boat is full of wonderful flowing movement and gestures that bring a sense of peace and well-being. This play can be a complex of little plays or a movement journey. It also can be a joyful way of moving the children from one place to another.

See the book "Gesture Games for Spring and Summer" by Wilma Ellersiek, page 76, available in the online store at www.waldorfearlychildhood.org.


Tip Tap Tip Tap Tap ~ Instruction

Tip Tap Tip Tap Tap is a delightful loving touch play. It takes a little longer to learn but it is well worth it! The children delight in this little play which starts on their hands and can dance all around their body geography.

See the book "Giving Love - Bringing Joy" by Wilma Ellersiek, page 31, available in the online store at www.waldorfearlychildhood.org.

☙ Chair Games - Practice Video 

This is an unusual Ellersiek game that beautifully invites the child to their place - be it sitting on a chair, bench, stool, log or tree stump. This can be taught very simply with just one section or taught adding on section by section over time. For the rising to first graders, presenting the three sections in a different order each time can offer a welcome challenge. This is a wonderful game to share with your 1st grade teachers as it can be utilized in first grade as well.

Here are the words for the game:

Chair Games - verse

Large Movement Play

This first video is a delightful play of the boisterous and playful little duck. Enjoy!

I apologize the first short segment is low quality (the difference between a Zoom recording and the iPad recording of the exact same experience is quite remarkable - it’s unbelievable!) It doesn’t last long and then the rest is clear.

The Ducky ~ Full Version

The Ducky (PDF)

This next video is a short version of The Ducky for the parents. It is posted on their page in the Corona Treasure Chest as well. This is also ideal for a nursery class. An even shorter version could be used for a Parent/Child class. There is the same issue with the beginning but it passes quickly!

The Ducky ~ Parents

The Ducky - For Parents (PDF)

Loving Touch Play

Soft As Down

Soft As Down is a warm affirmation of the child’s beauty and goodness. The gentle caresses invite the child to settle into their bodies in a calm, peaceful way. This little play can be used to calm a distressed child or just before nap, a quiet time or bedtime to support the child in drifting off to sleep. This play can also be used in the classroom for a child who has become scattered in outward focus and is needing to center and settle ‘in’. This would be a beautiful greeting for each child as well. (I don’t have a child at home during this corona time so I’ve demonstrated this little play with my partner Jerry. With a young child they could be sitting in your lap, beside you or across from you, however they are comfortable. Before nap or bedtime the child could be sitting on their mat or their bed and be sweetly tucked in afterwards.

See the book "Giving Love - Bringing Joy" by Wilma Ellersiek, page 54, available in the online store at www.waldorfearlychildhood.org.


☙ Dancing Hands Finger Play

This is a lovely play which can be used in at least three seasons - those of you in southern climes could play this all year long. The Rain Song brings the archetypal gestures of plants, animals, the elementals and human beings. This delightful play allows the child to rest in a deep sense of orientation in the world as they experience their relationship to each of these aspects of life around them.

Rain Song ~ Full Version

See the book "Gesture Games for Spring and Summer" by Wilma Ellersiek, page 96, available in the online store at www.waldorfearlychildhood.org.


This next version for the parents is presented so that it can easily be used before nap time or a quiet time. This version is just right for a nursery class. An even shorter version could be used for a Parent/Child class.

Rain Song ~ Parents

☙ Teacher Inspirations

Poem by L.R. Knost

"Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of the world. All things break. And all things can be mended. Not with time, as they say, but with intention. So go . . . . Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally. The broken world waits in darkness for the light that is you."


Drop Pebbles of Love on Spotify

Patrick Kennedy – Director of the Seminary of the Christian Community (facebook link)

A Renewed Declaration:
We hold these truths to be our guiding star: That all human beings possess an inherent, sacred value and dignity and their equality in the eyes of the Creator must also be expressed in the law; that their very humanity is an endowment of the Universe - an original, creative spark that no one has the right to extinguish; that each human being is destined to be the lord of their own life in full liberty of mind, soul and body; and that our nation has the simple and holy task: to foster a society in which each individual human being can pursue what they believe will bring true fulfillment, something no one can force upon them from without.

Music - "Deep Peace" by Ashana

Early Childhood Insight from Henry David Thoreau:

“I am struck by the fact that the more slowly trees grow at first, the sounder they are at the core, and I think that the same is true of human beings. We do not wish to see children precocious, making great strides in their early years like sprouts, producing a soft and perishable timber, but better if they expand slowly at first, as if contending with difficulties, and so are solidified and perfected. Such trees continue to expand with nearly equal rapidity to extreme old age.” - Henry David Thoreau


Awake Awhile Hafiz

☙ Other Resources

New WECAN Community GroupThis group is to serve the members and friends of the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN) and facilitate communications within this community.” This is a new group formed by Susan Howard where you can find and/or share all sorts of resources during these extraordinary times.

Here’s an excerpt from the Topic: The Invitation, by Cynthia Aldinger

“We have the opportunity for a cultural re-set, a paradigm shift that simplifies and slows things down to a pace that is not so overwhelming, a pace that is spaciousness enough for wonder.

Human connection, life skills, levity, outdoor excursions, trust that we can navigate these times – all of this and more will create a healthy foundation for the children in our communities, our families and our care. Putting these at the forefront and virtual connection and screen time more in the background, and only when necessary or needed, sets a stage for the resiliency we seek for our children and ourselves.”

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Newsletter from Dr. Adam Blanning - Below is the link to an article about the corona pandemic from an anthroposophic point of view. Dr. Adam Blanning, an anthroposophical physician and lecturer from Denver, Colorado is an inspiring and enlightening speaker who presents practical tips for parents and teachers. Below the article you’ll also see other offerings.


Article: The Pandemic is a Portal by Arundhati Roy


L.R. Knost, Editor of Holistic Parenting, Little Hearts/Gentle Parenting Resources


May you find these resources supportive of your work and play with the children and parents.....most especially during these challenging times.
I look forward to hearing from you so we might co-create a teacher’s subscription rich with materials that offer just the support you and your children, and their parents need.

Blessings on your work and play!
Lynn St. Pierre
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