~ The Teacher’s Treasure Trove One ~

A collection of seasonal finger plays, movement journeys, loving touch plays and singing in mood of the fifth.

This delightful, playful work provides developmental movement, music and speech for a healthy early childhood foundation for life.

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Saturdays Jan 28th, Feb 25th, except Sunday March 19th,         April 29th, May 20th

~  3pm east, noon west US time  ~

Join us for lively winter plays, developmental dancing hands, healing touch plays and connecting with other teachers!

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Unable to join in person?                                                                                      Work with the videos throughout the season, posted here afterward.


☙ Year Round ☙

This is a wonderful play featuring many barnyard creatures!  The children will love this one throughout the entire year.  Using the bookend method and adding on over time works very well.  So we start with the first four lines, beginning with the rooster and sunrise, and then go directly to the last four lines with the warm and sunny light through to the children waking up, "And laugh and laugh and laugh.  Yoohoo!"

~ Before Dawn ~

See "Dancing Hand - Trotting Pony" by Wilma Ellersiek, pg 153. Available in the WECAN online bookstore.

For many more fun Autumn plays click on the Autumn button at the bottom of the page.

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~ Once you've completed year one, there are new materials with the Year Two subscription. You will still have access to Year One and also the Parent*Child and Nursery materials. ~