Seasonal Mini-courses

Monthly mini-courses offered through Lifeways via live-streaming on Zoom:

Through touch, self-movement, balance and a sense of well-being the young child comes "in" to their physical body and begins to orient themselves in the world. This is one of our tasks as early childhood educators: to offer rich developmental opportunities that strengthen the child's lower four senses, their foundation for the rest of their lives. These simple, yet powerful songs and plays by Wilma Ellersiek, engage and delight the young child as we offer warmth, love and joy in these rich developmental experiences.

Ice Skating and Polar Bears, Oh My!

February 17th - Weds. 8pm eastern, 5pm western

Join us for a wonderful winter adventure with three large movement games. We'll start on our feet with the Snow Hayoh! full of exciting winter activities, moving into On the Skating Lake, gliding "light and nice upon the ice.....pirou, pirou, pirouette....Whoosh! We sit on our tush!" Then we discover what the polar bear does in snow! "Grum - grum - grum - grum......Comes bitter cold, he starts to dig a deep pit into the snow." After the polar bear's efforts, we have a lovely polar bear lullaby and rest. For winter snuggles and giggles, we'll learn Crawly, Crawly, Crawl where the little beetle delights the child as it finds it's little nest again and again, all around their body geography, and then settles in for a rest, a rest.

Birdies, Bunnies & Blossoms......

March 24th - Weds. 8pm eastern, 5pm westerns

We'll welcome the spring as we sing and snowdrop bells ring! "Going to my garden, what a sight.....Ting- ting- ting -ting......Now, see here is Lady Spring!" Celebrate new life with brightly colored eggs, bird nests, bunnies and spring baskets! The Little Woodpecker will bring it's playful rhythm as "In every bark he pecks, a little worm he seeks." With Winging, Winging we'll fly about "happy without care" and then "snuggle down and rest in our little nest." We'll learn the touching play Bzzzz, with a fly that tickles and delights and is full of surprises! We'll add a birthday song and lullabies for good measure.

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

April 28th - Weds. 8pm eastern, 5pm western

"Who enjoys the Rain? Trees and flowers, grass and grain.....the earthworm and the creeping snail.....the frog upon his mossy bed!" We'll sing and gesture and delight in all that the spring rains bring! Then with the Sun Song, "giving warmth and light," the Flowers Grow, "flowers sprout......bloom and blossom, one by one." Then along comes a Visitor, a beautiful butterfly, full of butterfly kisses, gentle touches for the young child. In the Shining Sun, we'll dance and sing Round-a-Ring celebrating spring! And rest in the lullaby Softly, Softly I sing too.