Two Year Program

 ~  Dancing Hands & Frolicking Voices  ~
Two-Year Program Star Dance Farm by Ann Arbor (or Via Zoom)

Two-Year Program Application

During this intensive course we will cover all the essentials of bringing developmental movement for the children in the most effective ways.  Together we will build a foundation that allows our work with the children to flourish; bringing health, warmth and joy in all that we do.  We will cover: 

  • Loving touch plays
  • Finger plays
  • Large movement circles and journeys
  • Mood of the fifth singing
  • Speech
  • Therapeutic Werbeck singing 
  • Therapeutic aspects of movement
  • Eurythmy
  • Spacial Dynamics®
  • Cosmic nutrition
  • Hand work
  • Anthroposophy as the basis of our work with the children 

The over arching idea is to form a supportive educational community that enthusiastically embraces this incarnational work and shares it with their local community.  As the course progresses students will have the opportunity to develop their leadership of the developmental movement work through practice in small groups and with the entire circle

Upon completion, a mentor-ship extension is available for those who wish to train other teachers. 

The 2-year program includes:  3 Summer courses, 2 Autumn courses and 2 Spring courses 

The fall and spring sessions will be available via Zoom for those unable to travel to the farm.   With the Corona challenge, summer 2020 & 2021 will also be available via Zoom.

Contact hours:
3 summer courses - 30 hours each
4 fall/spring courses - 12 hours each 
Total contact hours: 138 hours


Pay as you go -  

Workshops: Early Bird Regular 
Summer I $425 $475
Autumn I  250 275
Spring I 250 275
Summer  II 425 475
Autumn II                     250 275
Spring II                 250 275
Summer III 425 475
Totals $2,275 $2,525

Or two payments due before Summer I and II of $1,060  ($405 discount)

Or pre-pay:  $1995  ($530 discount)                   

Two-Year Program Application

Two Year Program Participants
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