~ Deepening Self-Care with Spacial Dynamics ~


Zoom Course with Lynn St. Pierre

Self-Care begins with saying “Yes” to activities that bring you nourishment!

Reserving and taking time for oneself as a parent, educator or care provider is essential, and what we do with that time can make a significant impact on daily life. Spacial Dynamics classes, as a part of a self-care practice, reach beyond “rest” to revitalize life forces and take us back into parenting and back into work feeling refreshed and joyful. As you traverse the next school year, committing to Lynn’s once monthly, three-hour sessions can be a springboard for your self-care practice.

Join us in a positive, supportive environment where we will practice Spacial Dynamics movement forms and hands-on streams with a partner. Invite a friend, family member or your early childhood colleagues to sign up with you so that you all can be together in person and benefit from the hands-on exercises. Fortify your life forces, develop greater strength, balance and energy through these life-giving forms and streams! Each month we’ll have a different theme as we journey through the year together.

Classes for the year will be held once-monthly
Saturdays, 10 am - 1pm Pacific / 1 - 4pm Eastern time

~ 1 3/4 hours of Spacial Dynamics and 1 hour of Children's Plays ~                  Mini-workshop or choose Spacial Dynamics or the Children's Plays!

Class dates are:

Jan 28, Feb 25, March 18, April 29, May 20

Register for the entire series, or a single session drop-in.
Discounts for 2 or more people.

Class Descriptions

January 28th: With the new year, join us to create a new spacial relationship with yourself and with others! We’ll embark on a fascinating exploration of spirals and lemniscates in our movement.  Energetic winter fun will be the focus of our plays for the children!

February 25th: Love with a pure heart ~ spacially!  Experience the joy and freedom of objective love ~ self-love, loving another, healing love.    Our plays for the children will celebrate love and community with the Look-at-Me Dance and an adaptation for the wee ones!

March 18th: As the earth springs forth with new life, we too will create new and supportive spacial habits that allow for creativity and rejuvenation.  We’ll weave our connection with the earth and the heavens as we explore the Spacial Dynamics forms of The Seed and The Tree exercises, among others.  The Root Gnome will grace our spring plays, along with other delights for the children!

April 29th: Join us to cultivate your garden of movement where warmth, joy, freedom and enthusiasm thrive!  Magical vortices will be our focus in movement and hands on streams.  Blossoming flowers and spring creatures will bring delight in the spring plays for the children!

May 20th: Revisit and celebrate our spacial discoveries and plays throughout the year.  Luscious movement, beautiful singing and heartful sharings await!   Don’t miss a beautiful circle for the Kindergarten and another circle for the wee ones in PreK or Parent-Child!