~ Summer Subscription ~

Enjoy full access to the video subscription for 3 whole months. It includes:

  • large movement plays & songs for circles or celebrations,
  • hand gesture plays & songs for the seasons or for transitions throughout your day with the children, and
  • loving touch plays these simple yet profoundly healing plays are just what the children are needing in these times. These plays are therapeutic in the classroom and a great tool to share with the parents so that their homelife can become more harmonious and joyful!.

Especially during these times, touch is extremely important for the healthy development of young children.  Touch used to be a regular part of the early childhood experience at school, but that all changed in many classrooms in recent years. This, combined with the fact that children are on average about two years delayed in their development, makes the touch plays imperative in our early childhood programs, and at home as well! One of our tasks in Waldorf early childhood is to develop the four lower senses as described by Rudolf Steiner. With the four senses of touch, balance, self-movement and the life sense or a sense of well-being, each correlates to one of the upper four senses. Touch correlates with the I, the higher self! Now is the time to integrate this work into our daily rhythms and family life to ameliorate the pandemic developmental delays that have occured. With an early childhood offering rich in sensory development, children integrate their experiences and can develop in a healthy way.

Once the preview is completed, if you would like to continue throughout the school year, you can sign-up for a monthly or annual one time payment.  No contracts.......cancel anytime.

Feel free to contact me with any questions at dancinghandsfrolickingvoices@gmail.com.


Kindergarten 3 Month Preview
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Get Access to the Teacher's Kindergarten Treasure Trove for 3 whole months!!!
Includes the Parent*Child & Nursery materials!
Parent*Child & Nursery 3 Month Preview
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Get Access to the Corona Treasure Chest (Parent✶Child & Nursery) for 3 whole months!